Products & Services


Concrete Products:
Architectural concrete, decorative concrete, accelerated set concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, flowable fill/CLSM concrete, insulating concrete, pervious concrete, stamped concrete

Sand & Gravel:
3/8-chip, 3/8 round, 3/4-0, 3/4-chip, 1-1/4 switch yard, 1/2 round, 3/4 round, 1-1/2 round, drain rock, bedding sand, mason sand, C-33 concrete sand, top course sand, top soil, rip-rap, boulders, 3/4 driveway gravel, delivered or picked up.

Recycled concrete:
At our recycle division we use broken up concrete, asphalt, block, brick, and the material from our water washout . this is then processed through a jaw crusher that crushes and blends the material to a max size of 2-1/2″ chunks. This product is used for fill in many applications of construction and tank removal. It is a cheap and economical way for large fill projects to keep costs down.

Pre Cast:
Septic Tanks: 1250 Gal Septic, 1250 Gal. Dosing, distribution boxes
Pads: Hot Tub, Air Conditioner, Trailer, Ecology Blocks, decorative retaining wall block,
Drywell & Catch basins: Perforated Lids, Grates, 48″ x 4′, 48″ x 2′, Manhole Adjustment Rings 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″,  Bouy Anchors, Parking Bumpers.

Block Dept:
Flue Liner, Chimney Block, Splash Block. Scallop Tree Ring, Scallops, Edgestone, Brick, Fire Brick, Concrete Brick

Slim Brick. Blended Brick, Brick Collections, Structural Brick, Pavers, Landscaping, Patio,
12″ Round/Square -Plain / Exposed Step Stone
16″ Round/Square -Plain / Exposed Step Stone
24″ Round/Square -Plain / Exposed Step Stone
24″ Turf Grid

Ledgestone / Wallstone:
El Dorado®, Wallstone, Brick, Fireplace Surrounds, Cultured Stone
Retaining Wall Products,  Anchor Diamond®, Caps, Steps, Anchor Diamond® Wall Systems
Structural Block, 16″, 8″, Split Face, Bond Beams, Halves
Rebar Supply, #3 3/8 X 20, #4 1/2, #5 Grade 60, 1″1/2 Rebar Dobbies w/ Wire, 2″ Rebar Dobbies w/ Wire, 3″ Rebar Dobbies w/ Wire.

Equipment rental:
we rent dump trucks, low boy hauls,  crane trucks, drivers, excavators, operators, loaders, and portable batch plants. call us with your special need.